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I believe that what shapes the human mind is what shapes our universe.

Striving to comprehend the nature of a person is a comparibly universal experience to me: Searching for awareness and authenticity, guided by scepticism and curiosity, questions arise that engage, inform, enlighten me. Questions shape my world of thought - like a prism sharpening the view of the eye. Poised, poignant and intuitively, they can be telling and, compared to an answer, at times be even more truthfully.

The truth of a person however, as subtle and transient as it may be, is hard to determine, even for an author of great artistry. Nevertheless, as in my work, a thoughtful conversation can explore its temper and bring about its hidden metaphors and energy. In a lavish process of work distinguishing itself from a standard interview, the oral - transformed into the written - is fashioned in a highly elegant manner and thereby a piece of literature becoming accessible to the reader.

.Jörn Jacob Rohwer